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Free Net Release

download from
01 step into real (live)
02 1314 (BBC Live Sessions | Electric Mainline)
03 decadence (Mixed down from 5.1)
04 absolution (BBC Live Sessions | Electric Mainline)

Download artwork here.

Thanks to Lorenz Schimpf and Jay Dixon for providing drums samples on the track "Decadence".
Thanks to Steven McCauley at BBC Radio Foyle for recording the BBC Session tracks "1314" and "Absolution".

This release is dedicated to Hippocamp. Thanks for the inspiration.

**Happy Holidays**
Ricky ;-)


Artwork by Ryan Locke 



An interview + two brand new tracks by Ricky Graham have been recorded for Steven McCauleys Electric Mainline on BBC Radio Foyle, due to be aired 09/12/06 4pm. Listen Again Online

BBC Across the line - Profiling can also be heard again here

2007 - New Band - New Album - World Tour

------------------- The New Band! -------------------

Jay Dickson - Drums/Percussion

Michael Ahern - Guitars

Simon McCorkell - Bass

Ricky Graham - Guitars

The band are busy rehearsing new material in preparation to record the debut full length CD due for release in 2007. It will be available on all Major digital distribution outlets (iTunes, Napster, Awol etc..) as well as all previous EP releases.

--------------- Tour News! ---------------

I'll be touring Japan (solo) from the 2nd of July to the 16th of July, 2007 - I'll be visiting 3 Universities to perform to local music students as well as a few local gigs with local ambient rock acts. Keep your eyes and ears open if you are in the Tokyo area! There are also plans to kick off a US Tour starting at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York in October 2007. More information on that soon.


DM Ashura collaboration has now been completed. DM Ashuras debut album, "Digital Maestro" will be available at and will feature Ricky Graham on the tracks, "Snowblind" and "Nautilus". The track, "GO! (Mahalo Mix)", which will feature on the album, is going into Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4 and Dancing Stage Unleashed 4 for XBox and Dance Dance Revolution Universe for XBox360.

Visit DM Ashura at:

Please help "Beautiful Beginning" in the Irish Charts by purchasing an MP3 here

Please vote for Ricky Graham on Pulse Rated Radio

Ricky Graham is now a Sentric Music (UK Publishing) artist.
Disoriental is now available from Msoundz (UK)
New video - Extracts from "Refraction"
Updated Press Release now available (for late 2006)


Ricky Graham's brand new progressive ambient EP, "Disoriental" will be streamed in full as an exclusive feature on Bebo bands around 10pm on the 15/09/06.

You can now order "Disoriental" at MEARecords

31st of August

Ricky Graham samples Pro Tone pedals, "Body Rot II"

Ricky Graham on BEBO

**Disoriented Delays** - "Disoriental" is completed and ready for mastering - Today was meant to be the release date but I guess you'll have to wait a little longer for it. :) This completes my double E.P. release for 2006 - and yes there is a debut album already underway for 2007!

In the meantime you can purchase the single, "Beautiful Beginning", at for 99 cents. That's around 69p for you lovely people in the UK. You can check out the track and the remix courtesy of Scrubber Fox (UK) on Myspace.


29th of August

Ricky Graham's, "Beautiful Beginning" has been remixed by UK based electronica artist, "Scrubber Fox" and can be previewed on MYSPACE.

Ricky Graham is a guest coloumist on "Chops from Hell"

And Ricky Graham's, "Lucid" is featured in future music magazine this month.


14th of August

New Review

Gigs and Gallery updated. Ricky Graham features in Chiles guitar webzine - this month


1st of August

Brand new track "Beautiful Beginning" of the new E.P. set for release on the 31st of August is now available to stream on Myspace.

Ricky Graham Featured in NME Magazine this week! Ricky Graham featured on New Music Ireland Podcast - Download it now.


12th of July

New Review


30th of June

Ricky Graham's second EP of 2006, " Disoriental" will be released via MEA Records on the 31st of August!

It will be available for $7, or $0.99 a track via Burnlounge

11th of June

Brand New track "New Chapter" features on Hippocamp Compilation. Free to download here


29th of May 2006

Hey Folks,

Just a note to say that Refraction is now complete and that it is available for purchase.

Thanks to Pete Clarke @ Clockwork Industries for duplicating the CDs

(*Recommended to any band looking for good local duplication),

Thanks to Ryan Locke for designing the Artwork, Vic @ Earth Music Studios, and cheers to all the musicians who got involved in this release!

The CD features 5 relatively contrasting tracks, 4 of which you can stream in full on Myspace or you can sample all the tracks here.

If you like what you hear, you can purchase a copy for only a £5 using paypal or you can buy the release in digital download format from Msoundz

You can also send a cheque or a money order - email management AT for an address

Copies will also be available at the following Symbiotick Gigs:

Date Venue
08.6.06 King's Head (Symbiotick)
22.6.06 Black Boat (Symbiotick)
26.6.06 Laverys (Symbiotick)
15.7.06 Rock Oddity (Symbiotick)
19.8.06 Cartoon Club (Symbiotick)


Ricky :)

24th of May 2006

Ricky Graham on NME Unsigned

19th of May 2006

Ricky Graham is featured on Channel 4 website. Refraction is now available to purchase in digital download format.

digitally @ MSOUNDZ


11th May 2006

4 of the 5 tracks off Refraction are now up on MYSPACE for you to hear. Enjoy!! :)


06 May 2006

Well folks, EP number one is now complete and on its way for distribution. It will be available independently through this site, MEA Records, and Msoundz, to begin with from the 29th of May. In the meantime you can place your pre order HERE and you listen to a full track HERE


30 April 2006 "Black Ice" features on guitarhoo's latest podcast along with an interview with Eric Johnson and a feature on Les Paul. Click here to download or stream the podcast.

Symbiotick video: Symbiotick - Live Improv at the Rosetta 02/05


05 April 2006

Relinquished is now available from STC (Europe) and Msoundz (UK) in Digital Format. It is still available in physical format from MEA Records (US)

The second album sampler will be up this weekend HERE

March 28th 2006

Endorsement Deal:

Pro tone pedals endorse Ricky Graham


March 26th 2006

Downloadable artwork and track listing for the E.P entitled "Refraction" along with studio samples

March 14th 2006

I have secured digital distribution for "Relinquished"* (and hopefully for future releases) in Europe with Subliminal Tape Club and with Burn Lounge (via MEA Records) in the US. They will be available by the end of the month. More news on that soon.

"Relinquished" has been added to european electronica radio, Systrum - Tune In for some great tunes.

February 26th 2006

Mixing is well underway. Artwork is now completed. Samples of artwork and possibly the new tracks of the first E.P. will be up shortly. Release dates will be announced shortly.

January 31st 2006

Some Studio photos are up from the first two days of recording that I intend to include as part of a write up when I finally get around to documenting the whole event. I am studio bound again on thursday! Also, to the guy from France who emailed me recently - please email me again as I had unfortunately misplaced your email address. Cheers!

January 24th 2006

I'm just back from two days of studio work at Earth Music Studios. I'm exhausted, but everything is sounding promosing at these early stages...

January 18th 2006

Happy new year. I have updated a lot of the sections of the site, mainly re arranging things and updating info. I'm in the studio on Sunday. Things are hectic but very productive. More soon.

December 24th 2005

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays etc.. :) and a Happy New Year, See you all in the new year. That's all for now..

December 20th 2005

The Hippocamp Winter Compilation is now available to download here. I've scrapped the album idea as the material is too eclectic and won't sit together cohesively. Instead, I will be releasing two E.P.s, One Ambient/Electronica, One Rock/Metal. I'm in the studio with the band from the 11th of Janurary to begin recording the full band stuff for the Rock E.P. More info on what label will be releasing what and were it will be available from very soon.

In other news, I am working with Steig Retlin on an animated music video to accompany the track 'Disoriental', which is to be remixed and parts of it are to be re-recorded. It will feature on the Ambient E.P. There is also talk of a DVD coming together featuring the video and other media.

Also, I'm promoting a gig in Bangor on the 29th of December in Donegans Bar. Get down to that one. It's free admission and starts around 8pm.

I expect 2006 will be a busy year.... :)












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Old News -

November 17th 2005

The track "Dream Awake" is featured on a guitar poll this month on the guitarist website, Guitarhoo. Check it out, and don't forget to vote!! :) In other news, I have an early mix up of a track that will feature on the belated hippocamp halloween compilation, entitled Black Ice. Enjoy!! New Lessons!

October 29th 2005

'The Dreams of Edgar Brigham' has finally been released on the Manchester Net Label, Hippocamp. Click here to download this free internet release! Also, a New Review and an updated Downloads Page!

October 9th 2005

I had a rehersal yesterday with a band, for the first time in a while, just to go over the material I am writing to record in Manor Park in November. It sounds well, and helped to calm my nerves about the whole thing. I'm actually looking forward to it now. :)

September 15th 2005

I have been holding back putting this up but I think I might as well. It is a very dark electro acoustic track I composed for my Univeristy degree entitled 'ICE'. It was composed using a minimal amount of source sounds that were then manipulated using a computer programming language known as C Sound. It's a bit long winded in my opinion but it's not bad for a first attempt at a genre that is very new to me. For more info and to download the MP3 Click Here

September 8th 2005

New Review. New Downloads. Enjoy!

September 7th 2005

MEA Records is due for relaunch very soon. New website and New Music. Visit the site HERE "The Dreams of Edgar Brigham" has been up on hold until Hippocamp relaunch their label in the near future - should be in the next few weeks or so.On the subject of new releases, Neal Calderwood from Manor Park Studios in Northern Ireland, will be Mixing and Mastering my debut album due for release 2005/2006..That's all folks... :)

August 19th 2005

New Forum Section- A forum for this site is up and running Join Here and a New Arrangement and Mix of Dream Awake is available here. It's been a while.... Myself and MichL Bridge are to release a 6 Track E.P. entitled "The Dreams of Edgar Brigham" on Manchester Net label Hippocamp in the next few days. It features the track "Dream Awake", which will feature on my debut album due for release in 2006. I intend to take the tracks for my debut album into the studio to record them around December.

July 16th 2005

Writing for new album is underway.

June 26 2005

I am to sign a 6 Month Contract with MEA Records this week. Relinquished is being released by MEA on the 5th of July 2005. Goto MEA Records Here. I'm performing two tracks at a School of Music show in Lisburn tomorrow night at the Island Arts Centre around 8pm. And last but not least NEW TRACK HERE This is an early mix of the title track of my debut ten track album that I have agreed to record for MEA records this year. It is entitled "Dream Awake."


I've been signed to MEA Records in New York, owned by Frank R Harrison. I'm recording a 5 track E.P. over the summer that should be finished by late August/early September.

- 12/05/05

You can now stream the full album worth of "Relinquished" on the download pages by downloading the appropriate playlist Relinquished is also featured on the swiss site Starfrosch this week.

- 11/05/05

"Relinquished" has been released on Hippo Camp Records and one of my newer tracks will be featuring on their summer compilation due for release after the 25th of May. The track will be featured on my next CD release. New Reviews are up also.

- 07/05/05

Hippocamp release is tonight. My Music is now available on MySpace..

Mailing list is now in place.

- 01/05/05

You can now order a copy of Relinquished from the website. Order your copy Here :) Gallery and Links page soon.

- 27/04/05

The basic website is up and running. Lots still to do. I'll hopefully have it finished by May. Hippocamp will be releasing my ambient album "Relinquished" this week. Also, Symbiotick will be playing tomorrow night in the Gweedore Bar in Derry along with Waylander, Dawn, and of course Latvian Folk Metallers, Skyforger.

- 26/04/05

The About and Discography sections have been updated. You may also download samples from the album Relinquished. Expect a Donwloads section, a Flash Gallery, and a "Gear" section very soon. Maybe some Audio on the main page too?!?

- 24/04/05

Ricky Graham dot net is finally up. The website is going under some maintenance at the minute so please be patient.

- 23/04/05

The series of Ambient Compositions entitled Relinquished are being released on the Independent Internet Label Hippo Camp They are due for release on Monday the 25th of April.

- 22/04/05

More Progress made in New York. Positive feedback from Warner Music associates (apparently my music resembles that of Pat Metheny. Not a bad thing) along with plans to set up a deal with Independent Distribution and Record Label The Orchard.

- 20/04/05

Symbiotick headlined Auntie Annies Bar in Belfast tonight. Photos are now available via the Symbiotick Gallery.

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